Navigate on Land or Sea With all the Garmin 276C GPS

If you are an avid boater, the Garmin 276C navigation device may be just what you need. This is another product by Garmin that has special features to make it good for land use or for water use. It is a versatile, color chart-plotter and automobile navigator. The device has a sunlight-readable 256-color display and a built-in auto router to help you navigate the streets and highways on land.

The Garmin 276C also has a Course Deviation Indicator

The color chart-plotter has a built-in basemap along with Garmin’s marine cartography. So if you’re a boater, you can get two benefits for the price of one. The Garmin 276C also has a Course Deviation Indicator for extra help with navigating on water. This feature is usually used on aircraft, but it has proven very valuable in marine activities also. If you veer off course, it will help you get back on the right route. If you sail or use any other type of boat, you will not want to be without this feature. You can use pre-programmed data cards or program it yourself to use with MapSource BlueChart to help you navigate and enjoy any body of water, however large or small.

Just like the other GPS devices from Garmin, this navigator works on land. You can get voice-activated turn-by-turn directions to 6 million points of interest around the world, from restaurants to hotels and stores to marinas. The unit is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The large Map Page shows you where you are and how you are progressing along your route. It will give you information about your speed and other helpful information. The navigator has a device that switches to night mode after sunset and back to day mode for traveling after sunrise. One of the major benefits of the Garmin 276C is that it is two-in-one.

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