garmin 310xt review

Advance Your well being Using the Garmin 310xt

Whether you’re a health enthusiast or have just started to take your health seriously, the Garmin 310xt is a wonderful unit that is jam packed with features that will help you greatly improve your overall state of health. Let’s take a look at some of these advanced features that make the Garmin such a wonderful choice.

The Garmin 310xt permits you to track not simply weight

Tracking - Track everything about your health. The Garmin 310xt allows you to track not only your weight, but also your body fat, hydration levels, and a whopping six other measurements. This data is stored within the Garmin unit and is then wirelessly send to your computer.

Monitor Workout Data - This Garmin unit is built with runners/joggers/sprinters in mind. It will monitor your workout based on the distance you’ve travelled, as well as the course you take.

How does it do this? The answer is this: with extremely high sensitivity GPS tracking. It is able to do this even when you are surrounded by tall buildings or are under the cover of trees. Optionally, you can pair your GPS with a heart rate monitor or a foot pod which gives even more detailed feedback about your workouts.

Share - Sharing your courses and workout plans with friends and family can add a new level of competitiveness to your workouts. When you know that people are watching, you are more likely to try your best compared to when you’re only letting yourself down. Allowing those you trust to also track your movements is a great way to stay motivated.

Using a Garmin 310xt is not only a wonderful way to get and stay in shape, but it is also going to save you a lot of money in the long run on gym memberships. It’s an attractive, sleek silver design that is sure to match any style, and it is available directly from the Garmin website or from many retailers.