garmin 62s review

The Garmin 62s Would be the Rugged Outdoorsman’s Best ally

If you are an explorer or just an outdoor enthusiast, the Garmin 62s might just be your best friend. This is the industry standard when it comes to tough, hand-held GPS devices. It comes with a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass that will show your location even if you are standing still. Its barometric altimeter can identify your exact altitude. It will plot barometric pressure over time to help you keep up with changing weather conditions, too. It supports Custom Maps, satellite imagery and photo navigation. You will never have to worry about getting lost while hiking in the mountains or exploring canyons.

The Garmin 62s will share your waypoints, tracks, routes

and geo-caching with other compatible device users. This allows you to share your adventures with family and friends with the push of a button. To save battery charge, the screen will turn off after a set amount of time. To turn it back on, just touch the screen. This feature makes the battery last longer.

With the Quad helix antennas, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction, the Garmin 62s can locate your position quickly even in rugged terrain. This device is tough and will help you find your way in critical times.

The device has 1.7G of onboard memory so you can download 24K and 100K topo maps. The device supports satellite imagery that you can integrate into your maps as well. Garmin Connect will allow you to connect with your computer and the Internet and do an analysis of all your activities and send tracks to your device. This allows you to view your activities on a map using Google Earth.

In summary, this is the device for the adventurer. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors this is the device for you. It will allow you to document your journey and share it with others.