Garmin 660

The Garmin Zumo 660

Just about everybody who has a car has some sort of GPS device in it. Of course, in my opinion this is one of the greatest inventions because the light bulb. In fact, nowadays many individuals wouldn't be able to even get around if they didn't have one of these units. While these units were intended to be used in automobiles there is now one that's intended to be used on a motorcycle. The new unit we're speaking about has been made by Garmin and what we're going to be looking at it in this post.

If you happen to have a motorcycle you almost certainly love just hopping on and going for a ride on a nice day. However many individuals would not have the ability to leave the roads that they usually take for fear that they would end up getting lost. Experiencing the wind in your face and experiencing the ride is one of the best things about possessing a motorcycle. Actually the only real thing wrong by having a motorcycle is the fact that unless you know where you're going, you would not want to just get on and just start riding.

Garmin saw this as a problem and made a decision to create a GPS product that was specifically meant for people who ride motorcycles. And just in case you are wondering you are going to discover that this unit has a touch screen built in. They also have added new technology which enables you to use this touch screen while wearing gloves. This is fantastic for colder weather conditions as you're not going to need to take your gloves off to use this product. This is really a great feature to be added to this item as it can become incredibly annoying to have to take off your gloves to do things while you are riding.

Garmin also had the presence of mind to make certain that the controls for this product are on the left hand side of the product. For people that are not aware, men and women who have motorcycles need to keep their right hand on the throttle. Another thing I should point out that they've included with this device is all of the hardware that you are going to need in order to properly attach this to your bike. The bright display and also the fact that this screen is in fact 4.3 inches makes this great for outdoor use. Garmin even included a wind direction and speed sensing unit in this device.

There's a lot of more features that come with this device that we just do not have time to talk about on this page. For people that are interested in seeing all of the features available for this device you can check it out on Amazon. While you are on the Amazon website I would also suggest you check out what other people have said about this product. For those of you looking for a gift for someone in your family who has a motorcycle you may find that the Garmin zumo 660 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Motorcycle Navigator is actually a good option.