garmin nuvi 255w

Receive Speech Activated Routing Using Garmin 255W

With heavy traffic and so many things on your mind, a voice-activated navigation system could make your life a lot safer and easier. That is one of the special features of the Garmin 255W GPS device. With road construction and other distractions, why not lower the burden of driving from place to place just by using your voice?  This device also comes with Bluetooth hands-free calling. In many locations hands-free is the law now. All you need to do is press the speech activator and start talking.

The Garmin 255 generates dynamic content from MSN Direct

Another service provided by this navigation device is next generation dynamic content from MSN Direct. With the included receiver and free trial service, you can check on current traffic conditions, local weather forecasts, and road conditions right from the device so that you can avoid backups and other road hazards.

Avoid getting lost by simply asking, “Where am I?” You can locate the nearest hospital, police station, gas station, address or intersection. If you take it with you when you park your car, it will remember where you parked and help you locate your vehicle when you are ready to leave again. This can obviously be very helpful in a large mall parking lot or any other large or unfamiliar parking area.

The Garmin 255W allows you to map out multiple routes so you can organize your day with the most efficient routes. It will also alert you to the speed limits on roads and highways. The trip log will help you keep track of where you’ve been during the day so you know what you have accomplished on your sales call or errand list. It includes an MP3 player and an audio book player to make multi-tasking easy. The Garmin Lock protects your device from being used by others without your permission. It is a must-have device for busy people.